How far in advance should I book? Are tour dates flexible? Is travel insurance recommended?

You can book at any time and generally the earlier you book, the better. Booking early (4 months or more recommended) is especially important for travelers visiting during the height of the dry season, June to August, as many of these departures fill up months in advance. Travelers visiting outside of these busy months can often book a bit more last minute, though 2-3 months notice is still recommended.

Further, we usually recommend that you wait to book your international flights until after your tour is confirmed. The sooner that we arrange your tour, the sooner that you can take advantage of flight deals as they become available.

We are often able to accommodate last minute travelers as well (some even departing in less than one week!!), so give us a call and we will do our best.

Yes, please contact us if you are not able to travel on the set departure dates. All tours can be arranged on alternative departure dates for a minimum of two travelers. In fact, we tend to work mostly with small private groups who choose dates that work best for them, and we enjoy working this way.  Many of our groups are families or friends who decide to travel together, and prefer the intimate personalized feel we cater to. You can choose any dates that suit your schedule, and we can plan your itinerary from there

We request travel insurance including medical coverage and trip cancellation of your choice. This is not included in tour price. We recommend Travel Guard