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The mystery of the geoglyphs of Peru located in the Nasca desert

Very few are those who know these spectacular figures drawn in the middle of the desert, in the openness; and although some can only be observed clearly from the air, since they can cover up to 300 m; they represent a cultural and historical icon, typical of Peru, and even more for its enigmatic forms. (more…)

The Amazon River in Peru and how it became part of one of the 7 wonders of the world

Considered the longest and largest river in the world, the Amazon not only houses a large amount of liquid source that flows into the Atlantic sea, with a contribution of up to 170 thousand meters per second; but, it is  a habitat and sustenance for an infinity of species that coexist around it, of which human beings are also included. (more…)

Inca Trail: the road to Machu Picchu, a guide to millennia of history

A complex and historical place that runs more than 39 km in its extension; a road that houses a lot of enigmas that passed through the hands of its builders, the Incas; and it has been a long time since this route was a settlement to guide the enchanted city, and its legacy in time still prevails (more…)

Waldorf Pedagogy: an educational system towards freedom of thought

Since 1919, the date on which the first school based on this methodology was founded and today has more than 1000 schools in the world, owe their beginnings to Rudolf Steiner: philosopher, educator, literary scholar, artist, theatrical author and esoteric and occultist social thinker; has managed to be a pillar for study for the Kusi Kawsay school in the city of Pisac, Peru.


We obtain the TOURCERT certification in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: We are a company committed to sustainable tourism

Kawsaypaq, a family-owned company formed by a team of professionals who, from the beginning have been carrying out activities that lead to a respect for cultural, environmental and social responsibility, this 28 November has reached a rewarding merit in sustainable tourism, thanks to the hard work of its owners and, in particular, of all those who are part of the company.