How much should I budget for tips?

Tips are greatly appreciated, and we highly encourage tipping as a wonderful way to express your gratitude, especially if you are happy with the service you receive.

10 – 15 % is a nice tip in Peru. Though tipping amounts vary widely and are personal decisions, guests report $5 – $10 a day for each staff member (per group), and $1 – $3 a day for your driver.
If you are on one of our trips based out of Pisac Inn, you can leave the tip in an envelope at the end of your stay and it will be divided among the staff.  Please tip the driver directly.  For spa treatments please leave the tip at time of  service.

Gifts: Many travelers also bring small gifts from their home to give to service providers, and to young children.  For the children we suggest school supplies, arts and crafts materials, face creams: be creative!  We suggest not bringing candies and gum.

Photos: When you take photos on the street they will expect about a sol per photo. Be prepared to have this on hand before taking a photo.

For those who feel especially moved, there are many opportunities to give donations to support