What guides will be with us? How safe is Peru?

Our guides are local, professional English speaking native guides.  A guide will accompany every day on your excursion and for all special events.

Your guides will present a native point of view. You will be given a socio-political history of Peru, including ancient sacred geometry and its influence on Quechua culture; the agricultural calendar and its importance in the spiritual connections to the Earth and its seasons; the political and historical effects of foreign invasion; and the cultural pride which is encouraged and continued with such programs as the Kusi Kawsay school in Pisac, native music and dance, and visits to historical monuments which speak to the genius of the native culture.

The areas you will be visiting are very safe. As long as you stay with your group and guide, no issues of safety should arise. Common sense is your best guide in larger cities: do not walk alone at night in the city (Lima, Cusco, Juliacca, Puno); do not take large amounts of cash with you anywhere; know your hotel address and phone number (take a hotel business card with you).

Our Peruvian guides share their expertise and knowledge with an indigenous perspective. They are committed to preserving, celebrating and generously sharing their traditional Andean culture and worldview. They are local Peruvians, traditional yet genuinely cosmopolitan. They are personable and attentive, and share honest, complete and oftentimes radical explanations with a sharp sense of humor providing a true depiction rather than a romanticized version. Your Peru Cultural Journeys guide brings the extraordinary sites and experiences to life with an indigenous insight that is genuinely authentic. Local specialists lend additional expertise during cultural events that only come from a native.