Is this a convetional tour? What is the perspective of the guides?

This is not a toursity, conventional tour. This is a very personalized, exclusive exploration and way of traveling that permits you to learn about the authentic Andean culture from an indigenous point of view. It affords a different way of understanding the world in relation to the native world vision and values still practiced to this day.  Many have described it as life changing on a very personal level, while safe and comfortable.  One friend said that this tour is for those sophisticated travelers who have seen many amazing places, yet are looking for something more profound, more connected, more meaningful, and most importantly that contributes to a positive cause.

Our groups are small, no larger than 12. Our slow pace allows one to explore in depth, rather than being rushed around on a bus with tons of other visitors from site to site.  We provide a beautifully woven itinerary that includes all aspects of the culture, accompanied by your guide each day with full explanations and conversation. Again, it is very important for the traveler to know that this is an indigenous perspective, not the convestional history book explanation. It is based on astronomy, mathematical explanations and expands to all aspect of life. For the Quechua everything in life is related and bound: Art, science, Religion, social organization, and daily life. Not only the itinerary, but also the accommodations and food are in keeping with this approach. Perhaps this is one of the very few opportunities of all-inclusive, exclusive travel that explores the Andes intimately through an indigenous perspective.