What is the typical age range for these tours? Are these trips suitable for travel with children?

We have had travelers age 1-90 on our Peru tours.  All ages are welcome!

These trips are suitable for travelling with children, and we highly recommend our trips for travelling with children, as an unforgettably enriching experience.

Peru is a child-oriented society.  Children are the highlight of every event here. We feel exposing children to different realities, ways of living, and perspectives will enhance their lives beyond expectations, and this will benefit all of humanity by creating a deeper understanding of the world we live in by inspiring respect for all traditions.  Your children will be welcomed full heartedly. In fact, traveling with children may open doors to experiences that may not present themselves otherwise.  When Peruvians see children, they immediately connect on a human level.

We can accommodate your needs as a family in any way. We can make arrangements for special activities if there are days the children would rather stay behind, and we can arrange trustworthy babysitters if necessary.

We can make suggestions as to what may make traveling easier for them, habits to encourage at home before travel and special things to bring along.